Free Code Camp Zipline Project: Tic Tac Toe Game Part 1

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The Tic Tac Toe Zipline challenge is the 3rd challenge on Free Code Camp’s Front End certification track. The objectives of this project as found on FreeCodeCamp’s website are:

  • Build a app that is functionally similar to this:
  • Make a game that allows the user to play against the computer.
  • Allow the game to reset as soon as the game is over so the user can play again.
  • Allow the user to choose whether they want to play as X or O.

In this post I want to discuss a couple of components of this project.  I’m going to start with the animation elements of this project.   While in the planning stages, I knew I wanted to have the title do a cool effect as the page loaded.  To achieve this, I put my title in an h1 element.  I gave the element a margin left of 100% to push it off the right side of the screen and made its width 300% to keep the letters on one line.  I made an CSS animation called “slidein” with one keyframe that performs that transition.  The transition reduced the margin-left from 100% to 0%, and the width from 300% to 100%.  Calling this animation for 3s, allowed the title to slide in from the right side of the screen.

@keyframes slidein {
  from {
    margin-left: 100%;
    width: 300%;

  to {
    margin-left: 0%;
    width: 100%;

Next I wanted to create a cool animation where the background of the square fades in as the symbol pops into the square. I did this by using the fadein (CSS) property in a keyframe for both the X and O classes. The X and O classes style each player’s boxes with different background colors and an X or O character as appropriate.  The animation and its keyframe changes the opacity from 0(fully transparent) to 1  (fully opaque or visible) over a duration of  1 second.  When the game is reset, the jQuery removeClass method removes the X and O classes from all square, which clears the board for the next game.

.X {
  background-color: #FB3953;
  animation: fadein 1s;
.O {
  animation: fadein 1s;

@keyframes fadein {
    from { opacity: 0; }
    to   { opacity: 1; }

I then started thinking to myself, what can I do next to make the game more visually appealing.  Hmm…how about making the various game messages slide down and slide up when the human player chooses an option. I created a div with a class name “popup” was created to slide down, display messages such as player symbol choice, winner, and if the  game ends in a draw.   After the player makes a decision by clicking the button, the “popup” div would slide up off the screen.

I made this happen, by animating the slideDown and slideUp classes. The animation -fill-mode were set to forward to keep the animation from automatically looping.  The duration of the slideDown animation was set to  4 seconds, and the slideUp animation was set to  2 seconds.  The div’s “top” property  starts at -100%, which places it higher than the top of the screen (and out of view).  The animation transitions the top to 0% which causes the message to be displayed in the middle of the screen . JQuery’s removeClass and addClass methods are used to add and remove  the animation classes as needed.

   animation: slideDown 4s;
   animation-fill-mode: forwards;

   animation: slideUp 2s;
   animation-fill-mode: forwards;

@keyframes slideDown {
    from { top: -100%; }
    to   { top: 0%; }

@keyframes slideUp {
    from { top: 0%; }
    to   { top: -100%; }

The final animation effect of the game is the “veil” that was positioned over the game board and title. It’s positioned under the popup div by using the z-index property. As the page is loaded, the fadeOut class is removed and the fadeIn class is added to the veil causing the opacity  to change from 0  to 1 which darkens the game board. Then, after the player selects their symbol and the popup div slides up; the fadeIn class is removed, and the fadeOut class is added  which changes the opacity changes from 1 to 0. This makes the veil transparent and makes the game board visible again.  The veil provides a dark background to contrast with the game message popup and an obvious indicator of when the game is ready to be played.

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